Untested ideas

Thu, 03 Dec 2009

Winter vs. private transportation

The plow-blade lane's not quite the same
As where I'd drive when roads are sane,
But snowfall hides the road today
And so I look for asphalt grey
Whereon to wriggle 'round the turns
As hatchbacks wait like snakes in urns
To pop out from behind snowdrifts,
While minivans who drive like gits
In rain or shine, hail, sleet, or snow,
Beside me, left and right, they go,
Only to stop for semi-trucks
That waddle through the turns like ducks
(Dromornithids, that feast on men)
Then, going, let me go again,
Until my car and I regain
Our home along the plow-blade lane.

Tue, 18 Nov 2008

Winter makes an entrance

Fog across the road at noon?
No! It's snow!

Mon, 17 Nov 2008

A freshly tested idea

Q: If a left-handed person plays guitar right-handed for several years, and then switches over to play left-handed, will his right hand be able to take advantage of the left hand's skill at fretting?

A: No. It will flop around like a handful of eel sushi.

Sun, 25 Mar 2007


Welcome to the new site! It's mostly the same as the old site, except that now the pages on the parent site have been merged into the blog. I had high hopes for putting in previous/next links and a better archive system, but it turns out that there are no end of things I'd rather do than hack better navigation links into Bloxsom's static mode. If I start posting a lot, I'll just switch to a more capable blog platform.

Also: contrary to previous posts in this series, hot pots will destroy themselves if you let the water boil off. They just don't explode.

UPDATE 2008-NOV-17: I haven't started posting a lot.

Thu, 18 Jan 2007


Well, it's nice to finally get some attention, I guess. I wish the authors had done a bit of research first.

Thu, 02 Nov 2006

Pumpkin season

A day's thaw
only the torsos of snowmen remain

Thu, 16 Feb 2006

Before the storm, and after

  1. Bands of frost obscure the moon
    one after another

  2. A frisson of awe
    Nature's power triumphant:
    The malls have shut down.

Sun, 04 Dec 2005

Signs of the season

Just like home.

Thu, 17 Nov 2005

November proceedeth

Last week, my coat first felt the air
Today I want long underwear.

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