Untested ideas

Sat, 03 Jul 2004


I notice that Storyhill (the only band I've ever mentioned in a poem, though it wasn't a very good poem, and I wasn't a fan of theirs yet when I wrote it) is available through iTunes now. Apparently, Storyhill fans tend to also be fans of Superchunk and Autour de Lucie. That is, yesterday they were. Today, Superchunk is out of favor, but Lucie rules the hearts of the Hillheads!

I find this very interesting. Is it just an artifact of small sample sizes, in the early days of the listing? Has iTunes discovered a previously unknown convergence of tastes? Or has Chris 'n' Johnny's fanbase always had a thing for French indie-pop, and I'm just out of the loop? That last would be entirely plausible.

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