Public service announcement

Below is the Inconsequential Stick Man, whom I drew as album cover art back in my high school days. He has one long leg and one short leg, and no visible eyes. Is he ecstatically dancing, or bizarrely maimed? The strictly geometric lines and ultra-minimalist features give nothing away. By juxtaposing a familiar icon with the essential imbalance of modern life, the piece seeks to draw our attention to the imperfectly self-aware nature of our own consciousness.

Well, sort of. Actually, I just drew him that way because I didn't have the drawing skills to manage anything much more complicated than a stick figure, and a lopsided stick figure was slightly more interesting than a plain one. But that's okay. There's lots of bad art on the Internet.

An asymmetrical stick figure

There isn't very much dentist art, though.

Last updated December 31, 2003 by Joel Rod (joelrod at mac dot com). The dentistist cause has triumphed, although Scott McCloud ended up drawing "The Accidental Dentist" as a political cartoon, which makes the phrase "the dentistist cause" terribly ambiguous. I'm leaving this page up to avoid breaking the links on the Morning Improv message board.